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Flowers flourish for a week, but our gifts last a lifetime and don't require a frantic search for vases!
Why not say it with an exquisite keepsake box filled with gorgeous gifts they really need.
Our stunning collection of gifts blends luxury with utility.
So if, like us, you like beautiful things, please take a look inside.

A new baby often heralds lovely presents from generous friends and family. But so often many of the gifts, whilst gorgeous, end up gathering dust on shelves, while new mothers (mostly!) search online (during those frequent nighttime feeds!) for the things we really need.

So I set about creating gift boxes full of those useful things. Things which you only really know you need from experience. But useful things can also be beautiful and luxurious. And we all love a touch of luxury with a new baby! So I searched high and low to find these jewels: products I personally adore and have used with my two little daughters. Many of our gifts you can't find in shops, many are individually hand crafted and, wherever possible they are natural, organic and celebrate UK businesses.

In addition to the various goodies inside our gift boxes, one thing that every parent needs is a keepsake box. There are so many special 'firsts': the first lock of downy hair, first birthday cards, the first pair of shoes. How wonderful it is to look at them years later and remember those special times.

I wanted to create a beautiful and timeless keepsake box in which to save these treasures for years to come. So once all the gifts have been unwrapped from our boxes, the box itself can be used and enjoyed. Something for girls and boys and something which captures the magic of a new baby.

Creating something "for girls and boys" has been high on my list of priorities with The Dreamland Tree.  An aspect of life which seems to be becoming increasingly insidious and which I feel very strongly about,  is the categorisation of tiny people into girls and boys. Pink unicorns are aimed squarely at girls, whilst blue dinosaurs sit on the boys' shop shelves. Both forms of categorisation are limiting. So at The Dreamland Tree, our gifts for babies and children have been meticulously selected and created to appeal to both sexes equally. There is an animal theme in our Big Sister & Big Brother Boxes, as I am yet to find a child who doesn't love animals!

The Dreamland Tree has taken me about 9 months to bring to fruition - which seems a pretty appropriate timescale!  And the name itself is rather special to me. It comes from the lullaby "Sleep, Baby, Sleep" which I sometimes sing to my little girls at bedtime:


Sleep, Baby, Sleep

Father tends the sheep.

Mother shakes the dreamland tree

And from it fall sweet dreams for thee.

Sleep, Baby, Sleep.

I am thrilled to welcome you to The Dreamland Tree and very much hope that sweet dreams fall from our pages and you find your perfect gift.  Thank you for taking a look.  If there is anything we can assist you with, do please contact us, we'd be delighted to help.


The Dreamland Tree Sleep baby sleep

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