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Meet our Shepherds & Shakers!

Updated: May 9, 2018

Our Shepherds & Shakers are our group of mums and dads who have kindly agreed to provide a little insight into parenting by sharing their experiences and answering my nosy questions! (I'll also be joining the group because I felt it only fair to be prepared to answer any question myself!). We are more mums than dads in the group for one reason: these were the wonderful people who were kind or foolish enough to say yes to me!

From the moment I became a mother, I have drawn great strength and comfort from the many mums and dads I've met along the way: realising you're not the only one up at 3am when you get immediate responses to a text, laughing over shared mishaps, crying on shoulders over shared traumas. I would have felt very alone at times without these friendships.

It is my hope that we may be able to offer some similar comfort and hilarity to you through this group.

Katharine x

So, here we all are:

The Shepherds (Father guards the sheep...)


Lives: Toronto

Dad to amazing 5 year old girl.

Global nomad with furniture! Worked in international marketing and branding all my life. First with FMCG sector and the last 15 years saving the world in the not-for-profit sector.

Hopeless romantic and sports fanatic in one giant person slightly hinting to my love of food and good wine.


Lives: London

Dadda to two lovely girls, aged 2 and 5.



Lives: The North

Daddy to 3 children: a daughter aged 5, and 18 month old twin boys!

Previously worked in media and now a full-time Daddy for the next three months.

Forever tired but I wouldn't change a thing.

The Shakers (Mother shakes the dreamland tree...)


Lives: Utrecht

Mother of one delicious but sometimes naughty 3 year old girl.

An academic on an extended sabbatical. Currently a full-time mom living overseas and freelancing as an editor for two small publishing houses.

Motto: If she's quiet there's trouble. Quiet is never good.


Lives: London

Mummy to 2 boys, aged 2 & 0.

Previously a Dealer at an Investment Manager, swapped for the glamorous life of raising our crazy, messy, giggling little people.

Riding out the insanity of sleep deprivation with one hand in the wine fridge, the other in the cake tin and a nearby stash of hilarious mum friends!


Lives: London

Mummy to 2 boys, aged 6 & 3.

Previously a full-time scientist, now a part-time scientist.


Lives: London

Mum of 2 girls, aged 5 & 2.

Previously a city solicitor, now an aspiring artist.

Fuelled by caffeine, deep breaths and a lot of gratitude. Plus the occasional glass of wine.


Lives: London

Mummy to 2 wonderful girls, aged 5 & 2.

Gave up being a Film/TV Agent to look after our lovely girls. Now attempting to combine this with entrepreneurship!

Increasingly forgetful and fuelled largely by chocolate.


Lives: London

Mummy to 2 boys, aged 2.5 & 9 months.

Finished law degree, moved to the UK, got married and had first tiny human all in one year... Now a very happy and very sleep-deprived mum, sporadic translator and Monkey Music fan!


Lives: Toronto

Mom to a precious 5 year old girl.

An anthropologist and photographer. Currently working part-time in communications and outreach. A global nomad somewhat settled in Toronto.

Fights stress one tea cup at a time.


Lives: London

Mummy to one gorgeous girl aged 5 (going on 15!).

Previously a Finance Director, now a part-time Finance Director and full-time Personal Assistant to a 5-year old!


Lives: London

Mummy to 2 little monkeys/girls, aged 3 & 5.

Works in global health at a London hospital.

Permanently exhausted trying to keep up!

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