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Shakers: Mother's Day Dream Treat!

Updated: May 9, 2018

We are Shepherd-less just in this post because, with Mother's Day in the UK nearly upon us, we are having a fun and frivolous look at what an ideal Mother's Day treat looks like!

Of course, we're not going to say no to diamonds and tiaras! But what are mothers actually dreaming of?

Katharine x


My ideal treat for Mother's Day? I think a lie-in. Nice strong coffee. Brunch (eggs Benedict). Watching my daughter and boyfriend playing happily while I sip my coffee. Did I mention this was on a tropical island and when I say coffee I mean margarita!


Pre-kids I'd have thought something like a first edition of a favourite book or some fabulous new earrings. Now I'd settle for a day or mealtimes without a debate about which spoon/bowl/plate (no not the light blue one Mama, the dark blue one etc), in an immaculate kitchen, no food to wipe up from the floor from baby lead weaning/throwing, gorgeous blue skies for outings without toddler tantrums and forgotten rain Macs. And a one day embargo on Boys' Club (i.e. where Daddy gets all the love and affection and cuddles and Mama provides the meals) and am hopeful for a repeat of last year where my toddler picked me mangled daisies to cherish. Finished with a cold glass of white, obviously. Cheers!


It was last year's present, which was having my bikes cleaned! I hate cleaning my bike!


My idea treat for Mother's Day is my husband and children making me a lovely breakfast, with a few cards and flowers on the table.. And then them going out for a couple of hours, leaving me to have some gorgeous, uninterrupted time to myself!


A dream of a day would be no chores. What. So. Ever. No laundry, no folding clothes, no changing bed sheets, no scrubbing food from the floor, no washing up. But not a day simply where you don't do these things and have to do double time on them all on Monday. But where someone else does them for you so maybe you don't even have to do laundry on Monday either. But raising my dream bar slightly higher, I might even chuck a hot bath into the mix. Maybe even with the door closed and just me in it. Going too far? Possibly but hey, this is dreamland! A massage would be other worldly. (By a trained massage therapist over the age of 5, not a repeat of the massage my girls gave me last night which started sweetly with gentle hand stroking and ended with peals of giggles as they both stuck their fingers in my ears.) And just lovely time spent with my family: nice food I've not had to cook, some smiles, some cuddles and some laughter.


Lie-in, mani-pedi with massage, lovely walk with family, binge watch Scrubs with Indian takeaway and wine, and another lie-in.


My idea treat for Mother's Day would be to not have to spend the whole of the previous fortnight dropping massive hints about the fact that it's Mother's Day! Also a lie-in would be lovely.


My best present would be the kids learning to read the papers in bed til 10am and being able to make a Bloody Mary!

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