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Updated: Mar 5, 2018

Hello and a very warm welcome to our brand new blog.

Here I hope you will find some interesting and hopefully helpful posts all relating to little people and parenthood.

Let me firstly introduce myself. I’m Katharine, a mother to two wonderful little girls whom I adore, as they say, to the moon and back (and there and back again...). In fact, I adore motherhood itself to the moon and back. So much so that I gave up my job as a Film & TV agent that I absolutely loved (and which I often felt was simply the best job around) when my first daughter was born. But, love my new life and role as I may, it is also about the hardest thing I’ve done. There are days of joyful laughter and times when my heart swells with more love than I ever believed possible. But I have also prolonged bouts of self doubt, cry rivers of tears and have hallucinations borne of never-before-experienced tiredness.

So in this blog I hope to tread the path of honesty and reality: not the social media rule of enduring an awful day only to post the photo of the one split second where everyone was smiling. But at the same time, I hope to avoid the flip side of that social media coin where children are complained about and mocked for simply being children, and parenthood billed as a state which makes you pour gin on your cornflakes!

We will be lucky enough to have guest posts from time to time, which I’m extremely excited about. Posts from professionals, enthusiasts, authors, bloggers etc, which I hope will be super helpful and interesting.

I hope also to share here some ideas about babies, children, how they develop and how we parent, which aren’t always the first port of call or most readily available to new parents. I’m not talking totally whacky (although through exhaustion my levels of sanity are certainly questionable!). But I will be forever grateful to a couple of friends for suggesting ‘methods’ or books I’d not previously heard of and which revolutionised, in the most supremely positive way, how my partner and I have done things as parents, how I am as a mother, how I view children and their development and how I strive to be as a parent. As an initial taster, two of those books were: “Three In A Bed” by Deborah Jackson and “Baby-Led Weaning” by Gill Rapley & Tracey Murkett.

Finally, and particularly excitingly, we have a regular group of mums and dads, our "Shepherds & Shakers" who are going to provide us with the answers to life and the universe! (although they might not know this yet!). They are mums and dads who work full-time, who work part-time, who gave up their jobs to look after their little ones, parents who bottle fed, mums who breastfed, parents who,...well, parents all with different stories, different experiences. And they will all have handy tips, funny stories and be a wonderful part of our blog.

Thank you so much for reading 😀

Katharine x

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