The Dreamland Tree Cherry Box of gifts for birth

The Cherry Box



Our Cherry Box for Birth has been specially designed to give the mummy-to-be some really useful and absolutely gorgeous products to prepare for labour, during labour itself and for once the baby is born, either in hospital or at home. We love all our boxes equally, of course..., but this one is truly special!


Preparing for birth can be a daunting time for any mother, so this box will be the most wonderful luxury gift for her.  A fabulous treat for a cherished loved one or colleague going on maternity leave: a mother-to-be's dream.


* And we have the additional option for you to make this box better-than-sliced-bread-special by adding in beautiful 100% cashmere socks.

    Each Cherry Box contains:


    • INCLUDED FREE - Our beautiful signature Ivory Keepsake Box (worth £15): for storing memories and treasures for a lifetime.


    • A sumptious Catherine & Jean Wash Bag: filled with gorgeous Bramley 50ml travel sized toiletries in case of overnight hospital stays: Body Wash, Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Lotion. Bramley's scents are subtle and simply divine and their products contain 100% natural botanicals, no nasty chemicals or artificial colours and nothing is tested on animals. Smell is such an evocative sense that using some new toiletries at this precious time will mean when you smell them again you will be transported to memories of your newborn baby.


    • A matching Catherine & Jean Eye Mask: to enable the new and very tired mummy to nap even during daylight hours.


    • Bloom & Blossom's Nip & Lip Soothing Balm: A 100% natural remedy for areas of dry and sensitive skin. Originally created to heal and protect sore nipples, it is also the ultimate conditioning lip treatment. Your handbag essential.


    • Our Calm Candle: made from 100% natural plant wax and essential oils of geranium, sweet orange, lavender, lavandin and ylang ylang to help relaxation and promote a sense of well-being.  It can also be lovely to use during labour. (20 hour burn time approx.)


    • Our Pregnancy Affirmation Cards (developed with Birth Doula Lon Gibbons): a set of 20 cards containing affirmations to use on a daily basis or whenever you need encouragement that you can do this pregnancy and birth thing! Place the pack on your bedside table, pin them to the fridge or pop some in your bag to take our at work. Positive thoughts have been shown to help affect the way we see the world...


    • 1 x pack of New Moon Tea Co's 'Materna 3 Tea' & pretty Heart Tea Infuser: this delicious loose leaf tea is a combination of herbs most beneficial in the third trimester for uterus strength, helping to strengthen and tone the pelvic floor. Also great for and late pregnancy nausea and hormone balance.


    • 1 x New Moon Tea Company Post Partum Bath Sachet: to pop in a bath after birth to promote healing.


    • Nelson's Arnica 30c: to promote healing and recovery from birth.


    • Organic Lavender Oil & a soft Bamboo Flannel: putting a couple of drop of lavender oil on the flannel and inhaling can aide relaxation and pain relief during labour. And a cool, damp flannel can itself be wonderful.


    • Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Unscented Hand Cream: with a newborn you wash your hands over and again. They get sore, they crack. We tried numerous hand creams and this was superb. And its unscented formula means there's no aroma to overpower the baby's wonderful smell of yummy mummy.


    • The award-winning Bamboo Environmental Toothbrush and a Travel Size Marvel Toothpaste: in case of overnight hospital stays.


    Would you like to make this box truly amazing?


    • Add in a pair of Luxurious Winter White Cashmere Bed Socks (one size): just because! When you've had a baby, whether you're in an uncomfortable hospital bed or at home, little touches of softness and luxury just for you are simply wonderful.


    • And why not add a stunning 'Tulips' Pop-Up Greetings Card for your own hand-written message.


    (Box dimensions: 30cm x 30cm x 9cm)