The Dreamland Tree Maple Box of gifts for new parents

The Maple Box

Our nickname for our Maple Box for New Parents is our 'Batten Down the Hatches' box! It is packed to bursting with exceptionally useful things which both parents can use and enjoy. So it is a particularly good gift where you want to celebrate both parents and help get them off to the best start.

Each Maple Box contains:


  • INCLUDED FREE - Our beautiful signature Ivory Keepsake Box (worth £15): for storing memories and treasures for a lifetime.


  • Five Go Parenting: one absolute essential every parent needs is a sense of humour! One of the series of the Famous Five parodies, this book is great to dip into and have a good giggle. '"We'll get the hang of it", said Julian. "There has to be a trick to this parenting lark".'


  • 5 x NATY nappies Size 1: NATY is the leading award-winning eco nappy brand. Their wonderful nappies are completely unbleached, contain no latex, fragrance, or TBT (tributyltin), and are hypoallergenic. I particularly love that you can decrease your carbon footprint significantly while keeping the high performance of conventional nappies. Go green without giving up performance!


  • NATY Unscented Eco Sensitive Travel Wipes and Eco Disposal Nappy Bags: both wipes and bags are 100% compostable and eco friendly. The wipes are free from harmful chemicals and the bags are made from natural cornstarch film only. And both do exactly what you need them to.


  • Storksak's gorgeous Garden Print Muslin Swaddle Blanket: beautifully packaged in a matching drawstring bag, this single breathable muslin swaddle blanket is made from a luxuriously soft blend of fibres, carefully selected to be gentle enough for use on delicate skin and keep your baby warm and snug. The generous size makes the swaddle versatile enough for a multitude of uses, whether swaddling a baby, using as a burp cloth, discreet nursing cover or stroller cover, while the elegant print makes it the perfect choice as a gift.


  • Vital Baby Aquaint Sanitising Water: a revolutionary, 100% natural, multipurpose sanitiser, for hands, skin, bottles, teethers, dummies etc. It kills 99.9% of bacteria in seconds. Harmless if swallowed, gentle, powerful & extremely safe. Safe for newborns, infants & adults. No harmful chemicals, fragrances or preservatives. Handy for having in your bag for wherever you go.


  • Twiddle-Ons: foot rattle toys which also keep socks on!


  • Our Love Candle: made from 100% natural plant wax with scents of Wild Fig & Grape to fill your home with a gorgeous aroma. Particularly useful when you have guests visiting: you've not had time to clean the house, the nappy bin is full and there's a whiff of stale milk coming from somewhere. No one will be any the wiser with this lovely candle. (20 hour burn time approx.)


  • Why not add a gorgeous 'Baby in Cot' Pop-Up Greetings Card for your own personal message.


(Box dimensions: 30cm x 30cm x 9cm)